Workout 11/30/16

01. December 2016 Blog 3
Workout 11/30/16

So I took about a 2 week break from working out or lifting any sort of weight, unfortunately. I had to deload most of my lifts by 10% which are basically the ones I have had good form with and have been able to steadily progress upwards in weight. I have been following the program called Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. I don’t follow it exactly though, mostly since I sometimes skip weeks due to life, basically. That puts me back. I do love trying to challenge myself every time I go into the gym though. I feel as though I am getting better each time and if I fail a lift, I know I can come back in a few days and try again, no big deal.


Squat 70lbs (3×5) — I am trying to squat with a wider stance and practicing wide stance squats in between the strength training. So far I don’t feel a pain in my groin afterwards and I do feel my glutes doing most of the work which is what I want! Trying to squat properly with these giraffe legs has been frustrating!

Bench Press 92lbs (5×3) — Such a big deload 🙁 Oh well, I am trying to actually pause more at the bottom which obviously makes it harder and I was able to do all of them slow and paused at this weight which is pretty sweet.

Power Cleans 65lbs (5×3) — Finally moved up to using the big plates for these; this lift has been a struggle as I will pull my shoulder doing it. It seemed fine today but I noticed that the bar never touches my thighs as I pull it up and I think it’s supposed to. I wonder if this is another problem I will have to figure out … The weight felt fine though, was excruciatingly hard or anything, so that’s a plus.


I got a new camera for my birthday, a Nikon D3300. I barely know how to use it but it seems to take some really good pictures so far. Not as good macro photographs though as with my macro lenses for my iPhone. I tried to get some neat shots of some fungus with those today and apparently there was crap on my lens so some parts of it looks misty, so upset. Oh well, just have to remember to clean the lens I guess. I need to start posting some more of my pictures on here, I know I only posted a few and I made a whole page for them. My life is so busy I just never find the time. I have so many pictures too. I need to learn how to properly edit them as well. I need to take a class, like duh.

I wonder if anyone even reads this blog or has seen it except Chinese scammers. Hmmmmmmmm.

I think my guinea pig has a tumor.

I got my hair cut really short the other day, basically as a surprise by the hairdresser. I told her to cut off all the dead stuff and then layer it like crazy and now I have a haircut sort of like Florence Henderson…

Me -- New Haircut
Me — New Haircut


It basically looks like this if I didn't slick it back, although with separated bangs too.
It basically looks like this if I didn’t slick it back, although with separated bangs too.

It’s pretty weird that she just died. I used to love watching the Brady Bunch as kid on Nick at Nite. That and Cheers, that’s a pretty funny show as well.

My entire body hurts.


— Meredith Kellar

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    Confused on December 26, 2017 Reply

    What is happening?

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    streepy on January 3, 2018 Reply

    I think you need to calm down.

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    James on July 1, 2018 Reply

    I read it.

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