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06. November 2016 Blog 0
Word of the Day

Desideratum (n): something that is wanted or needed

“The construction of such a canal was officially proposed in the American Senate as early as 1826, and considered a desideratum ever since.” This sentence is talking about the proposal for a canal in Nicaragua which would connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

In other news, my workout for today was focused on strength training. My squat form is still not perfect which is very agitating. I’m changing it up to a wider stance and with my feet pointing outwards more since I have such long femurs. This also means I have to lower the weight AGAIN and work back up and hopefully this form will work out for me. I think I also need to strengthen my adductors and ensure that they do not get pulled again. That is hell.

I also bench pressed 102 lbs today but missed the very last rep so I will need to re-do again in a few days. It definitely felt better than last time though.

Last night I stuck with 190 lbs for the deadlift and did not raise the weight. My hands are so roughed up from it.

I made more zucchini bread again and it’s still amazing! I have so much zucchini I could probably make like 50 loaves out of them all as you can see. Zucchini grew fantastic in the straw bale garden. Apparently it loves straw bale gardens; it basically overtook everything else around it which is something to know for next year. I don’t feel like losing the rest of my crop because of humongous zucchini plant leaves!

— Meredith Kellar

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