Workout 12/02/16

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Workout 12/02/16

Today was a rough one. Especially after the 2 week layoff. Here it is:

Standing Calf Raise — 75 reps total — 50lb bar

Alternating Bench Press Variations — wide grip (65lbs) — close grip (50lbs) 2×12 for each

4×12 leg exercises — alternating

Overhead lunges (25lb plate)

Hip Thrusts (95lbs)

Wide Stance Squats (25lbs bar)

CrossFit exercise

20/15/9 15 minutes 44 seconds

Barbell Row (65lbs)

Box jumps (8 risers)

Hand-release push-ups

Every work out basically takes me about 2 hours to complete which is a looooooong time. That is kind of annoying, I don’t just get in and get out and it takes a lot of time. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it or if my time on this planet would be better spent doing something else, like reading a book 🙂 I need to do more of that or pay attention to my dog who is currently staring at me.

My protein shake consists of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, Benefiber, ice/water, About Time vegan protein powder and sometimes peanut butter. I sometimes wonder if I should put milk or yogurt in it and if that’s too much fruit. It tastes pretty good though, vanilla or chocolate flavored.


It’s the best protein powder I’ve tried so far in terms of taste. I don’t know how vegan protein compares to whey. I’m debating on switching. I don’t know if it will mess with my stomach or not though.

Joining a powerlifting gym would be great, they seem super expensive though. I wish I had a professional who could watch my lifts and critique my form. My past trainers would do that, but looking back, they weren’t super scrutinizing.

I’m ready for spring!

— Meredith Kellar

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