Thanksgiving Dinner

24. November 2017 Blog 0
Thanksgiving Dinner

I had a lovely Thanksgiving this year and actually cooked my own dish for the family. I’ve only ever helped my Mom out with whatever she was baking previously. I made a sweet potato casserole with pecan crumb topping. It was really sweet with all the brown sugar and kind of tasted more like a dessert, but just makes it even better, right?

It was a really tasty recipe and here it is below (I forgot to take pictures of my own casserole!):

The picture on this post, however, is of my Lentil/Bean Vegetable Soup and my Spaghetti Primavera. This past weekend I went on a cooking frenzy, also making Pumpkin Pie and Lettuce Boats. I got a new vegetarian cookbook from the thrift store and tried out several recipes 🙂

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