Rainy Day — Easy Cooking

11. October 2018 Blog 0
Rainy Day — Easy Cooking

Today was a rainy day. (Due to a hurricane?) Not really sure but it has been grey, cloudy and rainy allllll day. This summer and fall has been so unbelievably rainy, I don’t even know how the ground is going to dry out! It’s good for mushrooms though 🙂 Luckily, yesterday was clear and my Mom and I were able to go for a walk together on a river trail nearby. I believe we walked about 2 miles.

Anyways, today was dreary and I did NOT want to go grocery shopping or cook, like forget that. Since going vegan, I have tons of lentils and cans of beans in my cupboard so I decided to look up a random lentil/black bean recipe and I found a soup recipe. I ended up substituting a can of garbanzo beans for black beans since I only had one can of black beans. Also, I used fire-roasted diced tomatoes which added a really nice flavor to the soup. The recipe was very easy to follow and turned out better than I thought it would.

Of course, while dicing up the onions and celery, I listened to scary stories on YouTube. I am OBSESSED with listening to scary stories on YouTube. There’s so many different channels on there now, it’s great. I find it so calming and I can zone out while chopping vegetables (boring) or anything else that is a drab task I have to do.

I also found a teeny tiny baby snail on my CONTACT CASE in my BATHROOM. HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN?? My Mom and I looked him/her under my microscope. It was super cute!


<3 Meredith Kellar

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