Workout 10/28/16

29. October 2016 Blog 0
Workout 10/28/16

My workout for tonight, on a Friday night, of all nights was a pretty rough one.

4 sets of 12 reps:

Hip Thrusts (95lbs)

Overhead Lunges (25lbs) 12 on each leg

Step-ups (10lbs dumbbells) 12 on each leg

4 sets of 12 reps:

Barbell rows (65lbs)

Face Pulls (22.5lbs)


12 minutes (2 rounds and 15 push presses)

250m row

15 push presses (55lbs)

15 bounding box jumps (4 risers)


I think this blog can also be a workout journal so I can keep track of what I did. Sometimes I don’t write it down and forget weights and I like to compare how I did in past CrossFit style exercises. I was a sweaty mess after this one. Doing rows after all that back work sucked.

— Meredith Kellar

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