A Rainy Trip to the Vet

07. December 2016 Blog 0
A Rainy Trip to the Vet

Today was a nerve wracking day for a few hours prior to going to the Vet for my guinea pig, Fritzi. I noticed lump on her rump about 2 months ago and have been watching to see if it gets bigger or not, or anything else weird.

The vet said it’s probably a subcutaneous cyst, so not cancerous/malignant, just benign growth of her skin, which is common in that area for guinea pigs. She stuck a needle in and got a small sample and did not see cells or white blood cells indicating an infection or cancer. So thank god that baby girl is healthy. I was getting worried!

She is a sweetheart. She’s the smartest of all the pigs and will actually let you pick her up if you talk sweetly to her. She’s very tiny though, only 2lbs 2oz. apparently! So small. Goldy is 2lbs 9 oz. Chubs.


Sitting Calves — 75 reps — 65lbs

4×12 — Hip Thrusts — 95lbs and Wide Stance Squats — 25lbs

5×8-12 Overhead Press — 50lbs and Squats — 50lbs

8 minutes alternating:

10 push presses (45lbs)

10 burpee box jumps (8 risers)


I’m ready for spring already. It’s not even winter yet! I’m miserable.

— Meredith Kellar

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